The Final Analysis & Sonuçta …by Dr. Kent M. Keith



People are often unreasonable, illogical,
and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, People may accuse you
of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some
false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,
people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone
could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.

You see, in the FINAL analysis, 
it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.


İnsanlar çoğu kez
akılsız, mantıksız ve
ben merkezli davranırlar
Sen yine de onları affet.

Eğer iyi niyetliysen
ve insanlar seni
bencillik ve gizli amaçlar gütmekle suçluyorsa;
Sen yine de iyi niyetli ol.

Eğer başarılıysan,
sahte arkadaşlar ve
gerçek düşmanlar kazanırsın;
Sen yine de başarmaya devam et.

Eğer dürüst ve açık yürekliysen,
insanlar seni aldatabilir;
Sen yine de dürüst ve açık yürekli ol.

Senin yıllarca uğraşarak yaptığını,
Bir başkası bir gecede yok edebilir;
Sen yine de yapmaya devam et.

Eğer huzuru bulmuşsan ve mutluysan,
seni kıskananlar olabilir;
Sen yine de mutlu ol.

Bugün yaptığın iyilikler,
yarın genellikle unutulur;
Sen yine de iyilik yap.

Dünya için elinden geleni yap,
bu belki asla yeterli olmayabilir;
Ama sen yine de elinden geleni yap.

Gördün mü, Sonuçta,
herşey Allah’la senin aranda;
Hiç bir zaman
onlarla senin aranda olmamıştı zaten.


Allah is kind and He loves kindness in all matters.
Allah naziktir, her hususta nazik olanı sever.

– Holy Prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessings be upon him)

49 Yanıt to “The Final Analysis & Sonuçta …by Dr. Kent M. Keith”

  1. think good, feel good, do good and be good, and goodness will spend longer time with you; this is the secret of real, enduring beauty…remain beautiful, semra….best wishes…Raj .

  2. Jazakillah for sharing the beautiful motivation, Dear sister!
    Jum’ah Mubarak, Janam Sister! 😍

  3. deutschtrailers Says:

    Es sind sehr schöne und bedeutende worte,vielen dank Semra…💗💗💗

    There are very beautiful and important words, many thanks Semra… 💗💗💗

  4. Reading from the beginning it came to my mind that why should we do all the things that people take for granted, but in the end, you made it feel that it’s worth it. Still I’d argue that at times it’s alright to be a little selfish, a selfless person is always on the loosing side of the game. Don’t you think?

    • Unfortunately, you’re right..

      None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself” (Bukhari and Muslim).

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post ! ❤ 🙂

  5. Always follow the path of God and He will never let anyone to misguide you

  6. This is really beautiful. If everyone responded in this way, the world would be such a better place.
    Thank you so much for sharing! ❤

  7. Liebe Grüße und ein gutes Wochenende lieber Gruß und Freundschaft Gislinde

  8. Powerful and beautiful words, one ought to practice what he/she preaches, a rare thing in this world. Love. Wanda

  9. Very beautiful…thank you for your following …happy to meet all your words

  10. re-blog
    so lovely http://www.

  11. Süleyman Polat Says:

    Allahım bizleri razı olduğn üzere yaşat

  12. Those are excellent words to live by. If only more people would. But it only matters I guess, whether or not I do.

  13. Semra, this is a beautiful quote! I have seen it before, and I think it is also attributed to Mother Teresa. In any case it is wonderful, thanks for sharing it.

  14. Syamsinur Nur Says:

    Reblogged this on Indahnya Berbagi and commented:
    Salam Janam sis.. minta izin untuk blog ulang ya.. JazakAllah Khayr ❤

  15. I LOVE this, Semra! Yes I live my life with these guidelines and yes there have been so many times I ask if what I do is even seen or, making a difference. Bless you for this post, my friend. (((HUGS))) Amy

  16. deutschtrailers Says:

    I wish you a healthy happy new year Semra….💗💗💗

  17. Nice thoughts. Have a wonderful New Year!

  18. eu îți mulțumesc ptr prietenia ta și îți doresc un an mai bun, cu sănnătate și bucurii !

  19. Happy New Year, 2015 ! 🙂

  20. Thank-you for the like, it is a true pleasure to hear from you again.

  21. Another lovely post. Thank you for sharing. Thank you, also, for stopping by my blog once more.

  22. A treasure to embrace!

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