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Don’t search for happiness in a place where you will not find it. Know that true happiness comes from Allah and lasts forever. & Mutluluğu, asla bulamayacağımız yerlerde aramayalım. Gerçek mutluluk Allah’tan gelir ve ilelebed sürer. & Dr. Bilal Philips

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When your world seems to be crumbling, remember that the Almighty will definitely come to your help.
When your road seems to be closed, remember that the Almighty will open many more new roads.
When you are let down by those closest to you, remember that the Almighty never let’s you down so make Him even closer.
When you suffer a loss, remember that the Almighty rewards you upon your patience & endurance far more than what you have lost.
When you feel so lonely because everyone has left you, remember that the Almighty will never forsake you.
When you have sinned so much, remember that the Almighty will forgive you if you repent truly & return to His Path.
When you get up every morning, thank the Almighty for giving you another chance to mend your ways before you finally meet Him.
When you are sad, remember that to look for the path of He who created you for He Alone can make you truly happy.
Praise Him for indeed All praise is due to the one who loves us so much that He always declares Himself Most Compassionate, Most Merciful!

Mufti Ismail Menk

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