I have learnt that….Öğrendim ki….

By changing our thinking,
We change our beliefs;

When we change our beliefs,
We change our expectations;

When we change our expectations,
We change our attitude;

When we change our attitude,
We change our behavior;

When we change our behavior,
We change our performance;

When we change our performance,
We change our life;

Life is like a book of three pages — first page is ‘birth’, last page is ‘death’, center page is ’empty’, it is up to us how we fill our page.

Hayat üç sayfalık bir kitap gibidir — ilk sayfa ‘doğum’, son sayfa ‘ölüm’ dür. Orta sayfa ‘boş’, sayfamızı nasıl doldurduğumuz bize bağlı.


28 Yanıt to “I have learnt that….Öğrendim ki….”

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    Attitude determines approach. Approach determines success or failure. Rev. A.R. Bernard

  2. Reblogged this on Church Set Free and commented:
    Maybe we can all be set free with words like these.

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  3. When one chapter ends another begins. Splendid posting dear Semra. ❤

  4. Words that are very useful dear friend Semra, thank you for sharing. ❤

  5. Yes sister, on the middle page we can pen down our own destiny with the graces of our Creator. Wonderful thoughts.

  6. so true, Thank you for reminding dear Semra ❤

  7. all we need is a change

  8. Hi Semra. Are there not too many opinions we cannot listen to them all! Thank you for liking “Pondered!” Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.

  9. Totally agree sister on all but how we fill the page … This is where God comes into my life and is their until the end … The end of the beginning .. Not the beginning of the end Amen 🙏

  10. So true. Thank you so much for the amazing post.

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