A Beautiful Story .. & .. Güzel Bir Hikaye


“When I was little, I’ve once asked my dad,

‘Dad, why is the moon the symbol of Islam?’

And he answered, ‘when you walk outside in the dark, the only thing that can guide you through and help you find your way back home is the moon.

So, Islam is like the moon. In a world of darkness, Islam is the only light that will help you find the path of tranquility, peace, righteousness and truth.’




22 Yanıt to “A Beautiful Story .. & .. Güzel Bir Hikaye”

  1. yakup gungor Says:

    Amenna ☺

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  2. Very nice description. You are also a light my friend. ❤

  3. Dear sister, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with nice description as always

  4. Hahah..few days back my brain was poping same ques…Y moon as a symbol of Islam and here you come with the answer. 🙂

  5. […] A Beautiful Story .. & .. Güzel Bir Hikaye […]

  6. Fabulous post Semra so beautiful and heartfelt words we may come from a different country, religion or background but we both agree that whatever we call the creator be it Allan or God that it is the light of the word than always shines through lots of love .. Ian ❤️🙏

  7. wow beautiful i did not know that

  8. ANM7 Says:

    So true, and often the thing you say the new hello to is not equal in illusion to the thing you said goodbye to. But unimaginably better in the eyes of God. A growing experience for you who may have assumed that the only values were to be contained in the likes of the things you parted with. Lovely post, thanks.

  9. GENÇ KELÂM Says:

    EyvAllah kardeşim. Ne güzel yazmışsınız. Sayfamıza davet ediyorum sizi..

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