“Life is toil…Hayat sıkıntı çekmektir.”

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Life is toil.

Don’t grieve over the vicissitudes of your existence: you cannot escape hardship.

Life, for the most part, involves work and responsibilities.

Happiness is an exception or only a fleeting phase that comes and goes sporadically. You long for this life, yet Allah does not want it to be a permanent abode for His righteous slaves.

lf this world were not a place of trial, it would have been free from disease and hardship; it would have been a comfortable abode for the best of men —- the Messengers and Prophets. Adam faced difficulties and troubles until the day he left this world. Nooh’s (Noah) own people scoffed and ridiculed him. lbraheem (Abraham) was tested by the fire and by the command of slaughtering his son. Ya’qoob (Jacob) was separated from his son and wept until he lost his sight. Moosa (Moses) endured the tyranny of Firaun and afterwards the disobedience of his own people. Eesa (Jesus) was poor (may peace be upon them). Muhammad (pbuh) patiently endured poverty and the impudence of his people, and he poignantly felt the loss of one of his favourite uncles — Hamza (may Allah be pleased with him). The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever.”

And in a literal sense, there are countless examples of the righteous, the scholars, and the truthful being imprisoned for their beliefs.

45 Yanıt to ““Life is toil…Hayat sıkıntı çekmektir.””

  1. And only the believers know what the right path is what the real path is, and therefore they tread on the road not taken, and move ahead. ❤

  2. Truth. Life is struggle but with God’s help we can make it. Hopefully increasing moments of happiness and joy. God Bless My SiStar!

  3. True and beautiful ❤ Happy Week dear sister

  4. hsampson Says:

    Beautiful Semra!! Thank you!

  5. lorrain1 Says:

    Bonjour de Provence.
    J’aime votre Blog, la sensibilité qui y règne. Bravo.

  6. Sehr Inderesand wünsche einen schönen Dienstag liebeGrüße Gislinde

  7. Only bearable with the mercy of God

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    Nice post Semra 🌹

  9. true and full of awareness and knowledge, Jazakillah.

      • I want some info from you Semra dear. umm, i want those stories i read once in your blogs, about the new born babies who spoke in their mother’s lap about regarding oneness of Allah like Hazrat Esa A.S and others

      • Semra dear I want stories of infant who spoke about the oneness of Allah in their mother’s lap. i once read in your blogs. like hazrat Esa (a.s) and many more.

  10. Well said 🙂 We all are imprisoned inside such a vast prison that we can’t see its bars and hence chaos is at bay. It’s only a matter of time when things will start collapsing soon. Hope things start to become better instead.

  11. araanz50 Says:

  12. lorrain1 Says:

    Bon weekend…

  13. Wishing you and yours all the best! ❤

  14. This story is told the real truth of life.
    You will live by the sweat of your brow ..


  15. Suriyeli kardeşlerimiz içinde dua edelim lütfen :-(( yüce allah oradaki çocuklaın ağlamasına izin vermesin onlarıda güldürsün mutlu ve sağlıklı yaşatsın inşallah,AMİN…

  16. Aafiyah
    Al-‘Abbās, the uncle of the Prophet , came to the Prophet and said,
    “Ya Rasūlullāh, teach me a du’ā’.” .
    The Prophet said:
    “O my uncle, say:

    Allāhumma inni asaluka al-‘āfiyah
    (O Allāh, I ask you for ‘āfiyah).”

    What is ‘āfiyah?
    ‘Āfiyah means “to save me from any afflictions.
    To be healthy, you are in ‘āfiyah.
    To have enough money
    To live, you are in ‘āfiyah.
    To have your children protected,
    you are in ‘āfiyah.
    And if you are forgiven and not punished, you are in ‘āfiyah.
    ‘Āfiyah means
    “O Allāh, protect me from any pain and suffering.”
    This includes dunya and ākhirah.

    Al-‘Abbās thought about this for a while, and then he came back after a few days and said (paraphrased):
    “Ya Rasūlullāh, this du’ā’ seems a little short. I want something big.”
    The Prophet said, “My dear uncle, ask Allāh for ‘āfiyah for wallāhi, you cannot be given anything better than ‘āfiyah.”
    It is a simple du’ā’.
    Sincerely mean what you say.
    “O Allāh, I ask You to be saved from any distress, grief, hardship, harm. Don’t test me.”
    All of this is included in
    “Allāhumma inni asaluka al-‘āfiyah”

    Riyadh As Saliheen,
    Sunan At-Tirmidhi

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    Dear Pretty sweet Lady, how are you love your words and your whole blog my friend…

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