I may have had to live, love, lose, and fall. But, I’ve also learned how to get back up. And then, I learned how to teach others to do the same.” – Yasmin Mogahed



“We need to fall so we can make a distinction about what really matters, and who really matters, who will be there when you fall and offer a hand to pick you back up…
Now I know why fall is beautiful; although the leaves are dying, they know this is not the end.
A season will come when they will be reborn, stronger, richer and more beautiful. Stars are born from a great explosion.
Know this is not the end.
This is your rebirth.”

– M.B.



27 Yanıt to “I may have had to live, love, lose, and fall. But, I’ve also learned how to get back up. And then, I learned how to teach others to do the same.” – Yasmin Mogahed”

  1. Teacher is almost a messenger

  2. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:
    Beautiful words Semra as always a really nice post 🌟

  3. Liked the words and the photo.

  4. Beautiful words. Let’s wish that they serve as comfort to the families, children, lovers, friends, admirers of those killed in Paris and elsewhere, fallen not to the natural order of things or whatever their fates was set to be but by the action of those who simply can’t look at life without doing something to destroy it. Trees may not be made to grief over their lost leaves, but we are. Here’s a touching memorial to the fallen: https://twitter.com/ParisVictims

    • What do you think About Syrian Victims & Palestinian Victims & Algerian Victims & Beirut Victims & Ankara Victims !!??

      My heart screams in pain for Paris,Beirut,Ankara,Syria,Rakka,Nigeria,Palestine,Gazza….. All I want for the world is peace and prosperity.Prayers are with the innocent victims of terrorism today across the world.

      • Indeed, all human life is precious; there’s no possibility of mourning all losses all the time, thus the focus here and not there at any given time. But I feel as intensely bad for them, and them, and them; all prioritization of pain is illusory. That’s why your words are so inspiring and I wish they could reach those in Paris as those in all these other places you mention. Peace to you and to this troubled world.

      • ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. “Hope that you fall in love, and it hurts so bad
    The only way you can know is give it all you have” – lines from I Lived by One Republic. This was the first thing that came to my mind after reading this masterpiece. As always great piece of message Apa.

  6. Süleyman Polat Says:

    Semra Polat hanım Allah kolaylık versin, dualarında ara sıra bize de yer ver

  7. O seara plăcută!

    Vorbele bune nu costă mult. Nu afectează nici limba nici buzele. Îi fac pe ceilalţi să fie mai buni. De asemenea ele produc imaginea asupra sufletelor oamenilor şi această imagine este cu adevarat frumoasă. – Blaise Pascal
    Kind words do not cost much. It does not affect the tongue or lips. They make others to be better. They also produce the image on the souls of men, and this picture is really beautiful. – Blaise Pascal

    În viaţă, este mai bine să nu amestecăm afacerile cu prietenia, pentru că atunci când la mijloc sunt interese materiale se uită valorile prieteniei.
    In life, it is better not to mix business with friendship, because when the middle are material interests looks values friendship.

  8. Me ha impactado, y me ha gustado. Saludos.

  9. Amen, my sister!!!

  10. Sometimes you have to get mad and stubborn but one must go on despite sadness and loss. Not easy sometimes.

  11. fengshui33 Says:

    Reblogged this on Le Blog du Fengshui.

  12. O who you’re Patient!
    Bear a little more
    Just a little more Remains.

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