Repentance & Reue & Tövbe & Repentir & Arrependimento & Pentimento…!!

Allah j.j.


O Allah,You are my Lord,there is none worthy of worship except You,You created me and I am Your slave.I am adhering to Your covenant and Your promise as much as I am able to,I seek refuge in You from the evil of what I have done.I admit to You your blessings upon me,and I admit to my sins.So forgive me,for there is none who can forgive sins except You.

Allah’ım sensin benim Rabbim,senden başka gerçek ilah yok.Beni yarattın ben de senin kulunum.Ben gücüm yettiğince sana verdiğim sözüm ve senin va’din üzereyim. Yaptıklarımın şerrinden sana sığınırım.İşte verdiğin nimetlerle senin huzurundayım günahlarımla huzurundayım.Beni affet çünkü günahları ancak sen affedersin.

Holy Prophet Muhammad ( صلى الله عليه وسلم )


O you who have believed, repent to Allah with sincere repentance. Perhaps your Lord will remove from you your misdeeds and admit you into gardens beneath which rivers flow [on] the Day when Allah will not disgrace the Prophet and those who believed with him. Their light will proceed before them and on their right; they will say, “Our Lord, perfect for us our light and forgive us. Indeed, You are over all things competent.

Ô vous qui avez cru! Repentez-vous à Allah d’un repentir sincère. Il se peut que votre Seigneur vous efface vos fautes et qu’Il vous fasse entrer dans des Jardins sous lesquels coulent les ruisseaux, le jour où Allah épargnera l’ignominie au Prophète et à ceux qui croient avec lui. Leur lumière courra devant eux et à leur droite; ils diront : “Seigneur, parfais-nous notre lumière et pardonne-nous. Car Tu es Omnipotent”.

O die ihr glaubt, wendet euch zu Allah in aufrichtiger Reue. Vielleicht wird euer Herr eure Übel von euch nehmen und euch in Gärten führen, durch die Ströme fließen, am Tage, da Allah den Propheten nicht zuschanden machen wird noch jene, die mit ihm glauben. Ihr Licht wird vor ihnen her eilen und auf ihrer Rechten. Sie werden sprechen: «Unser Herr, mache unser Licht für uns vollkommen und vergib uns, denn Du vermagst alle Dinge zu tun.

Creyentes! Volveos a Alá con sincero arrepentimiento! Quizá vuestro Señor borre vuestras malas obras y os introduzca en jardines por cuyos bajos fluyen arroyos. El día que Alá libre de vergüenza al Profeta y a los que con él creyeron… Su luz correrá ante ellos y a su derecha. Dirán: “Señor! Perfecciónanos nuestra luz y perdónanos! Eres omnipotente”.

Ó fiéis, voltai, sinceramente arrependidos, a Deus; é possível que o vosso Senhor absolva as vossas faltas e vos introduza em jardins, abaixo dos quais correm os rios, no dia em que Deus não aviltará o Profeta e aqueles que com ele crerem. Uma luz fulgurará diante deles e, com a sua crença, dirão: Ó Senhor nosso, completa-nos a nossa luz e perdoa-nos, porque Tu és Onipotente!

O credenti, pentitevi davanti ad Allah d’un pentimento sincero. Forse il vostro Signore cancellerà i vostri peccati e vi introdurrà nei Giardini in cui scorrono i ruscelli, nel Giorno in cui non imporrà umiliazione alcuna al Profeta e a coloro che avranno creduto insieme con lui. La loro luce correrà innanzi a loro e sulla loro destra ed essi diranno: « Signore, completa la nostra luce e perdonaci. In verità tu sei l’Onnipotente.

Ey iman edenler! Allah’a içtenlikle tövbe edin. Belki Rabbiniz sizin kötülüklerinizi örter ve peygamberi ve onunla birlikte iman edenleri utandırmayacağı günde Allah sizi, içlerinden ırmaklar akan cennetlere sokar. Onların nurları önlerinden ve sağlarından aydınlatır, gider. “Ey Rabbimiz! nûrumuzu bizim için tamamla, bizi bağışla; çünkü senin her şeye hakkıyla gücün yeter” derler.

Surat At-Tahrim [66:8]



32 Yanıt to “Repentance & Reue & Tövbe & Repentir & Arrependimento & Pentimento…!!”

  1. Hello my sister Semra
    The stars must have us aligned. Yesterday a friend gave me a beautiful rosary from Spain. I don’t know if your necklace is used for a certain prayer or just beautiful decoration. I love the color. Your post specks to me and one belief we share. When people take the time to learn about Islam the beliefs we have are similar, the Quran specks highly of many religious leaders in the Bible. It’s a shame the misdeeds of a few shape their opinion.
    We are more one than not.
    I hope you and your family a safe and in good health. Next week I see my new doctor, I’m positive of the outcome.
    Have a great week. I’ll let you know what the doctor says.
    May God and Allah bless us as we walk through the day.
    Hugs my sister.


    • Peace be upon you dear sister Melinda, I do feel your sincerity and openness and so glad that you are sharing everything about you with me. Thank you Allah , me and my family, we are all in good health .I pray to Almighty Allah give you long life, good health and happiness throughout your life.Remain blessed until I hear from you again, Bye for now and take care of yourself for me.May Allah continue to bless you my dear sister ❤ xoxo

  2. Greetings, Semra Polat. I do admire your faith.

    • Peace be upon you , I am so proud and honored to have you as a dear sister Maria .You are always in my heart and prayers ❤

      • Id like to tell you an episode in my life. Sometime I told to an Indian student: -God bless you-, but after I knew that his God is Shiva, not Jesus.

        Im grateful to you being able to pray for me. Your God and your principles are so different from mine, except love, compassion, I think so.

        Have good days, dear Semra Polat.

      • No, I dont think so Dear Maria , in my thinking, God is one and only, whatever name u may want to call him. but yes, fundamental aim of every religion and discipline is to propagate Love, Compassion, Harmony and humanity. The perplexities what we see are of secondary nature, and mostly due to cultural, geographical and regional differences.!!

      • You are so amazing and sensitive.

        If you come to Brazil, which I dont wish because we dont have public safety, Id like to meet you.

      • Thank you, I respect you, and i wish to see you one day in Brazil or Istanbul , InşaAllah dear sister ❤ May Allah protect you, and i wish you a life full of happiness and success …Amin ya Rab !!

  3. Good night! Admir….

  4. Syamsinur Nur Says:

    Reblogged this on Indahnya Berbagi.

  5. Lieber Gruß und einen guten Mittwoch Gislinde

  6. al salamu alikum dear sister ,, mashlah well written

  7. percetakanexpres Says:

    Unbelievably, the information you provide so helpful
    many excerpts from your information I can take

    Thank you

  8. Süleyman POLAT Says:


  9. its true, i like the message u write here

  10. Danke liebe Semara dir auch einen glücklichen Tag lieber Gruß Gislinde

  11. Wishing you the best, Semra and thank you for the wisdom.

  12. Hi Semra. Are not many beyond redemption. Too many evil deeds not enough mercy. Thank you for liking my poem Soldier! Peace and Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.

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