Allah’s plans…..? Allah’ın planları …..?


Some things are beyond planning.
And life doesn’t always turn out as planned.

You don’t plan for a broken heart.
You don’t plan for an autistic child.
You don’t plan for spinsterhood.
You don’t plan for a lump in your breast.

You plan to be young forever.
You plan to climb the corporate ladder.
You plan to be rich and powerful.
You plan to be acclaimed and successful.
You plan to conquer the universe.
You plan to fall in love – and be loved forever.

You don’t plan to be sad.
You don’t plan to be hurt.
You don’t plan to be broke.
You don’t plan to be betrayed.
You don’t plan to be alone in this world.
You plan to be happy.
You don’t plan to be shattered .

Sometimes if you work hard enough, you can get what you want.
But MOST times, what you want and what you get are two different things.

We, mortals, plan.
But so does Allah (subhan wa ta’aala) in the heavens.
Sometimes, it is difficult to understand Allah’s plans…
especially when His plans are not in consonance with ours .

Often, when He sends us crisis, we turn to Him in anger.
True, we cannot choose what Allah wishes us to carry,
but we can carry it with courage knowing that He will never abandon us
nor send something we cannot cope with .

Sometimes, Allah breaks our spirit to save our soul.
Sometimes, He breaks our heart to make us whole.
Sometimes, He allows pain so we can be stronger.
Sometimes, Allah sends us failure so we can be humble.
Sometimes, He allows illness so we can take better care of ourselves.
And sometimes, Allah takes everything away from us…
so we can learn the value of everything He gave us.

Make plans, but understand that we live by Allah’s grace.

Although they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the Best of Planners.
[Holy Qur’an 8:30]



45 Yanıt to “Allah’s plans…..? Allah’ın planları …..?”

  1. I am always like hope for the best and plan for the worst! We should be ready for everything 🙂
    Well defined post ❤

  2. Beautifully said. ❤

  3. …and every time , Allah is Love ….thank you dear Semra for touching my life with goodness …xxxmeg

    • Peace be upon you dear sister Meg, I’m grateful for your lovely comment…May Allah swt bless you and your family and keep you under His protection. ❤ xoxoxo

  4. Beautiful Lovely Heart touching

  5. A very powerful message about pain and suffering. And another very powerful message about not planning to sin. All very powerful. Thank you for this, Sister.

  6. Danke liebe Semara ein guter Beitrag sehr gut wünsche dir auch einen schönen sonnigen Tag liebe Grüße von mr und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  7. Allah is Great, beautiful words dear friend. Thank you for share.

  8. true and gorgeous post, dear Sister Semra ❤

  9. Very well said Semra, we don’t always know what God expects from us, but no matter what, he does what is in our own best interests and therefore we should not question it.

    • Well said Dear Brother, I can’t thank you enough for stopping by my blog and for your beautiful comment….May Allah shower His mercy, love and guidance on you . ❤ 🙂

  10. Oh, Semra, this is absolutely precious. How I am so familiar with so much of what you write. To be broken, and ill, and hurt and walking through horror and pain, only I have been shown, was for my own good and for my own growth. And, in order for me to do what I do, as in reaching out to those who are hurting, I first must have understanding of that hurt. And to do that, I must live it. Bless you, my sister, for this beautiful message of Truth. Bless you for shining so brightly your gorgeous Light. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • Dear sister Amy, thank you for read it, and for taking the time to share with us your thoughts. I’m truly grateful..May Allah show you the right path and blessed you with HIS forgiveness, here and hereafter… ❤ xoxo

      • Semra, but what is it I need forgiveness for? I really don’t understand. I explained the incredibly difficult life I have had in order to understand others’ pain. I don’t see what I am in need of forgiveness for. God has shown me the right path as well. I am genuiney confused. Is it the language difference where misunderstanding has come in? Love, Amy

      • Dear sister Amy, We aren’t perfect. We are only human and we all make mistakes..we are all with sin..Sometime we make mistakes without deliberation and intention.But sometime we knowingly and deliberately sin and do wrong to others.We need Allah’s mercy and forgiveness all the time…InşaAllah we understand each other better.

        O Allah, You are most Forgiving One, You love to forgive, so forgive me ❤

      • Now I understand you better. This is where my confusion was. Your post was not about forgiveness but rather on how the “bad things in Life” are actually opportunities for growth and to form us into a better person. This is why I was not understanding why you spoke about forgiveness. None of us are perfect, that I do know, and hopefully those mistakes we do make will turn into lessons for us that guide us how to not to make those mistakes again. That is not easy when, if one is not aware, that one does not even see or know that wrong was done to another. Much Love sent your way, my sister Semra, Amy

  11. Great helpful religious quotes that I think apply to all humans. Thank you!

  12. Fateema Abdullah Says:

    Subhanallahu this poem is wonderful I should learn it and keep it in my heart

    • BarakAllah dear sister Fateema, Thank you,I’m grateful for your lovely comment…May Allah swt keep you protected under His shade. ❤

  13. I copied most of this poem and made a post out of it on Old Timer Chronicle III ~ and linked it to your beautiful blog. I hope you approve of what I’ve done. Please keep blogging!

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