I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no legs & Ayakkabım yok diye ağlıyordum,ta ki ayakları olmayan birini görene dek & by Shaykh Saadi of Shiraz



Why is it only me?
I sit in a corner and think.
Why is it only me?
In search of a just answer I blink.

I look around to find everyone the same,
I do no different, then why only my name?
I too play fair, you too do cheat at the game
At the end, why only me is to blame?
I always did try my best, in vain,
For in the end, again, I did fail.
From where I am, I can clearly see,
Everyone’s on track, only I derail.

Kneeling down to ALLAH, I cry,
“Why do only I suffer? Why only me?”, I sigh.
Cursing my life, in which i had no pride,
“Dear Allah, the reason for living has died”.

“Thank you Allah!” another voice I heard,
I looked up to see an old man beside.
Frail and weak, with a smile he murmured,
“Thank you Allah,I feel satisfied.”

After his prayers, I went up to him,
Curious about his reason for gratitude.
I learnt that today he managed to sell some fruit,
For two days, his children were without food.
His only earning, helped him buy some bread,
Happy he was, for his children and wife ate.
I realised he was blind, for he started groping his hand,
It was for his crutches, which he needed to stand.

I looked at myself, and felt ashamed
I have everything, that he has lost.
He is all grateful, for a small meal,
And Im complaining on a trivial deal.

With tears of remorse, I saw him leave,
Limping but with a smile on,
I wanted to stop and help him in some way
Before I could, he was gone.

This episode reminded me of an old saying,
“I was crying for shoes till I saw a man with no legs.”
I sat there whole night praying,
Thanking HIM for things Ive got,
Rather than grieving for those I have not.

by Sheikh Saadi Shirazi



40 Yanıt to “I cried when I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no legs & Ayakkabım yok diye ağlıyordum,ta ki ayakları olmayan birini görene dek & by Shaykh Saadi of Shiraz”

  1. Das Bild ist gut. LG. Wolfgang

  2. powerful quote!!!!

  3. Thank you for letting me hear your beautiful soul thru this loving poem … Blessings dear Semra …xxx

  4. Yakup Güngör Says:

    Nerelerdesin sen yahu 🙂

  5. Many thanks, Semra Polat. Kiss4U!

  6. Beautiful Semra! 🙂

  7. Wow i really really loved this. I was a beautiful and powerful reminder that we must always remember the good things in our lives and pray for those who have less!

    • Thank you my dear sister. I sincerely appreciate that you took time to encourage me with your comment xoxo ❤ May Allah grant you His Mercy ❤

  8. I love this! It is sooo beautiful!

  9. Semra, a very thought provoking video and writing.

    • Dear friend Carl, I truly appreciate that you took some time to stop by and to leave a beautiful comment. Thank you…Stay happy 🙂 ❤

  10. wonderful, mashallah!

  11. الحَمدُ لله علي كل ما أعطانا. جزاك الله خير سمراء. aichek :p

  12. Boa Noite!

  13. Dearest Sister Semra
    I enjoyed the post, it true for everyone in this life. If we don’t give thanks for what we have or worship it to much it will not make us happy. I hope you are doing well. I’ve had a few bad days, hopeful tomorrow is better. Think of you always.
    May God and Allah Bless us both

    • Dearest sister Melinda,

      How many times do i think how can i help you…Dua (prayer) is the weapon of a believer..My thoughts and prayers are with you… i ❤ you for sake Allah !! May Allah swt give you shifa and heal you of this illness ❤

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  15. Danke Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag Gruß Gislind

  16. Great post ❤

  17. That end poem in your post reminds us to be grateful, thank you ❤

  18. Yakup Güngör Says:

    Sadi Shirazi, send me a message from teachers sharing related to the Turkish 🙂

  19. Yakup Güngör Says:

    gıcık 🙂

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