Peace, Paix, 和平, Salam, Pace, Mir, Friede, Paz, Shanti, Heiwa, мир , שלום , ειρήνη , سلام‎ ,Damai,Barış ..♥ by Martin Luther King, Jr. ♥



We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers.

Abbiamo imparato a volare in aria come gli uccelli, abbiamo imparato a navigare i mari come i pesci e ancora non abbiamo imparato a vivere sulla Terra come fratelli e sorelle.

Hemos aprendido a volar como los pájaros, a nadar como los peces; pero no hemos aprendido el sencillo arte de vivir como hermanos.

Temos aprendido a voa como os passaros, a nadar como os peixes, mas ainda nao aprendemos a sensivel arte de vivermos como irmaos.

Wir haben gelernt, die Luft zu durchfliegen wie die Vögel und das Meer zu durchschwimmen wie die Fische, aber nicht die einfache Kunst, als Brüder zusammen zu leben.

Nous avons appris à voler dans les airs comme des oiseaux et à nager dans la mer comme des poissons,mais nous n’avons pas appris l’art simple de vivre ensemble comme des frères.

Kuşlar gibi uçmasını, balıklar gibi yüzmesini öğrendik. Ancak bu arada çok basit bir sanatı unuttuk, Kardeş gibi yaşamayı…”

~Martin Luther King, Jr.




44 Yanıt to “Peace, Paix, 和平, Salam, Pace, Mir, Friede, Paz, Shanti, Heiwa, мир , שלום , ειρήνη , سلام‎ ,Damai,Barış ..♥ by Martin Luther King, Jr. ♥”

  1. Walaikum Asalam 😀

  2. Syamsinur Nur Says:

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  3. Wonderful. Thanks a lot.

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    Simpatia e Solidariedade!

  5. Yes, yes, and yes!!

  6. That is very true, we need peace in our lives. Peace n love, 💞

  7. Yes, I often wonder if we are progressing or are doomed to foolishly spin around and around and never improve. Maybe it is up to the women.

    • Allah is merciful and He loves us and His mercy has no limits. Allah tells us all these wonderful things and tells us how to achieve them too, SubhanAllah!There is dunya peace ; which is found in the righteous acts and in your salaah. The Quran tells us ‘those who do righteous deeds will be permitted entry’. But let’s take a minute to praise the Almighty – our acts that allow us ‘dunya peace’ are the same acts which are the keys to our ‘akhira peace’ !May Allah give us all dunya and akhira peace and may we be guided to the righteous acts which please Him.

      Dear Ginene,thanks for stopping by and leaving such valuable comment .I pray for peace for my family, my friends, and all the nations of the world. ❤

  8. Süleyman Polat Says:

    Mü’minler ancak kardeştirler

    • Öyleyse kardeşlerinizin arasını düzeltin. Ve Allah’a karşı takva sahibi olun. Umulur ki, böylece siz rahmet olunursunuz.

      Amenna ve saddakna Hocam, Allah razı olsun ❤

  9. Thanks Semra for quoting the prophetic words of Martin Luther King . The pic of crimson evening sky with solitary bird in homeward flight across glistening waterway , symbolize the peaceful and protective setting afforded by nature equally and without exception for all life forms , in much the same way as salam or shanti or peace assured by the most compassionate and all merciful supreme force that controls and governs all…We must take the cue from it to eschew greed and violence and live in peace , love and harmony…with all good wishes…raj .

  10. Einen schönen Tag für dich ist sehr schön geschrieben grüße dich lieb und Freundschaft.Gislinde

  11. علينا أن نحب الآخرين

  12. beautiful music! Peace 🙂

  13. passenger2 Says:

    Liebe Semra! Deine Seite hier ist wunderschön, fantasievoll und eine geheimnisvolle Magie ausstrahlend… Genauso wie Du selbst… Danke für Deine Gastfreundschaft auf dieser Homepage!* Frank

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  15. If Martin Luther King Jr. wasn’t murdered. This would of been a better world. Thank you for sharing a great man wisdom.

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