Allah, الله ,God ,Gott , Dieu ,Dios , Alá, Deus, Dio..Jalla Jalaluhu (May His Glory Be Glorified) ❤

 sem-Allah cc


Allah is not in my contact list in my cell phone, but He is my number one and most important contact.

He isn’t in my Facebook friend list, but He is my best friend.

I am not following Him on Twitter, but I follow His His Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Quran.

While I need to Internet to connect with others, I am connected to Him without the need for the Internet.

SubhanAllah (glory be to Allah)



Allah, benim cep telefonumda kişi listemde ekli değil,ama o benim bir numaralı ve en önemli temas halinde olduğumdur.

O benim Facebook arkadaş listemde yok, ama O benim en iyi arkadaşım.

Twitter’de O’nun takipçisi değilim ama Ben, Onun ,O’nun Peygamberinin (sallAllahu aleyhi ve sellem) ve Kuran’ın takipçisiyim.

Ben başkaları ile ileşime geçmek için internete ihtiyaç duyuyorum.

Halbu ki , ben internete gerek olmadan ,her zaman O’nunla iletişim halindeyim.



Hasbi Rabbi JallAllah, Ma Fi Qalbi Ghayrullah, Nur Muhammad Sallalah, La Ilaha Ilallah.

Sufficient is for me my Rabb.Allah is Great.There is none in my heart besides Allah.the light of Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).Truth,There is none worthy of worship but Allah.”

Celil olan Allah, Benim Rabbimdir ve o bana kafidir.Kalbimde ondan başka, hiçbir şeye yer yoktur.Allah’ı zikretmekle kalbimi diriltti.Allah’tan başka tapılacak hiçbir ilah yoktur.Allah, Nur-u Muhammed’e salat eylesin.Allah’tan başka tapılacak hiçbir ilah yoktur.



44 Yanıt to “Allah, الله ,God ,Gott , Dieu ,Dios , Alá, Deus, Dio..Jalla Jalaluhu (May His Glory Be Glorified) ❤”

  1. Süleyman Polat Says:

    “”O” ne güzel arkadaş

  2. سبحان الله، والحمدلله، ولااله الاالله، والله اكبر
    Very well written, Sister! 😊
    جزاك الله خير الجزاء 💗
    Allah blesses your life!

  3. God Bless you and Happy Weekend my friend ❤

  4. O ne güzel dost ne güzel velidir o ! Ne mutlu dost ile dost olmuşlara ve dost kalmışlara! Rabbim her daim yar ve yanında olsun kardeşim! Yüce Rabbim hepimizi Halis Sadık kullarından eylesin. Sevgilerimi sunuyorum ve kardeşim için mutlu bir hafta sonu temenni ediyorum 🙏 🙂

  5. I agree. What we hold true and deep in our mind and heart. Need to be carry close with us daily. I believe in the verse. Set the example and teach the people what is right and wrong.

  6. Just info, I have not been on word press for a long time since I’ve been sick, but it goes as forward now, dear friends excuse my absence but I will try to be here a bit more to come, and on that occasion, I wish all a good weekend hugs from Herluf.

  7. Dionysus Amber Says:

    Reblogged this on Dionysus Amber ☮♡✡ and commented:

  8. God the loving ,the forgiving,the merciful,the light of the world, the gracious,the kind,the meek,the rightful,God who is not partial towards his creation all humanS are equal and the same.No infidels non none believer BUT ALL ARE ONE ..whenever people believe this trutly . the world will see peace ……..jALAL


  10. Shahnawaz Naik Says:

    Jzk ❤ Allah razi olsun 🙂 May Allah be with u always.Amin

    • Wa iyyakum bhai , It’s good to see you here.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. Hope you have a great Sunday, Allah razı olsun 2u2 😉 🙂 ❤

  11. Inspirational as always dear Semra… Hugs for your sunday and week ahead. Aquileana 😛

  12. maasha allah….

  13. Dionysus Amber Says:

    Where did you get that fabulous dove gif? I love it. Can I please use it on my site?

  14. Thank You for liking my painting!!!! 🙂 Cynthia

  15. Grata pela sua visita em meu Blog
    Beijos com carinho

  16. Thank you for following my blog. Have a wonderful day.

  17. Beautiful sentiments my friend, that span the bridges that serve to join us, and not divide us. Blessings.

  18. Everyone prays to the same God. One spiritual entity created the universe. Only the misguided thoughts of humans, often greedy, never spiritual, could divide spirituality. Diversity of thought, many thousands of cultures, many ways of living on this planet…this is what we have to work to save. The tendency of those i power to push toward a one-world culture is created by war, then language, the education,then religion, then culture itself. I live in South Korea…the culture here has been swallowed whole by American aid (money) then language, then religions, now culture. The culture that eats up 6 times more resources per person than anywhere else in the world,should NOT be the culture that everyone is being forced to follow. Not now. Not wheh resources are so scarce.

  19. Feliz Dezembro
    Muita paz e amor

  20. Bombs Away!
    Bombs Away!

    A plane that veered off over Cleveland
    Still had a one-hour flight,
    Before smashing into the building
    That has caused the world so much fright.

    The air force stood still at Andrews
    It is clear they had plenty of time.
    The plane hit a segment near-vacant.
    Can you solve this riddle in rhyme?

    Unocal wanted a pipeline
    To run from the Caspian Sea.
    Their man is our new Afghan envoy,
    We call this diplomacy.

    We’ve scrambled jets to bomb the line
    Who cares about collateral death?
    Our heinous command favors profits
    No matter on whom we tread.

    Our bombs have cleared the bedrock,
    Soon oil will flow through the land.
    Our soldiers will stay to protect it,
    New sticker: “Free Afghanistan.”

    But this place is not like Tibet,
    It’s not China that we have to sway.
    This time the task is much harder
    We must teach ourselves to obey.

    Already we’ve gone from a surplus
    To $200 Billion in debt.
    But somehow this stooge asks for tax cuts,
    Increased defense is a sure bet.

    What’s wrong with mass transportation?
    Or small cars: NO MORE SUVs!?
    Oh yeah, that might hurt the profits
    Of Exxon, Mobil, BP!

    Before the planes hit the buildings
    The pilots caroused the Las Vegas Strip.
    Does this seem like holy Muslims,
    Or agents out to get their last kicks?

    You may say I’m some type of cynic,
    But our track record is clear.
    If you stand in the way of our oil-men
    There will be plenty to fear.

    Uganda, Iraq, and Afghanistan
    Know how deadly this game can be.
    Economies crumble below us,
    Soon, we will fight to be free.

    History holds many lessons,
    Those in power fall from their greed.
    We are not very good Christians:
    We always take more than we need.

    The rich get their education,
    The rest of us learn for ourselves,
    That for-profit domination
    Soon leads to a permanent hell.

    • ahhh, You are quite right , Dear …….., we humans are not selfish by Nature, but “Studium Lucri” is the main evil we are facing in one way or other. We are not used jet, bombs, etc… but we are even using religion and the name of God for fulfilling our malicious agenda.

      that African Landlord was quite right, when englishmen entered in South Africa, He said

      “when White people came here we had Lands and they had Bible, now we have Bible and they have Lands” !!!

  21. Ja, Gott ist in allen Völkern der Erde, er wohnt bei allen Menschen egal welcher Farbe oder Sprache, dein Beitrag ist schön…
    Liebe Grüsse Ernst

  22. Allah=Dumnezeu ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. 👋 Hi Seema!!

    Hoping you have a nice Monday ☺❤
    Have you got the Sunshine blogger Award.
    I Have Nominated you for that.😊😘
    Visit here

    Please inform me if you don’t want to be nominated 😉😊

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