We are the Warriors of Love,We Have no Time For Enmity.Biz Muhabbet Fedaileriyiz, Husumete Vaktimiz Yoktur ! ..by Bediüzzaman Said Nursi



An ascetic selected four aphorisms from the four revealed Books ;

From the Torah: “The one who is content with what Allah has given him will find repose in this world and in the next”;

From the Bible: “The one who destroys his vices will be honoured in this world and in the next”;

From the Psalms: “The one who isolates himself away from people will find salvation in this world and in the next”;

And from the Qur’an, “The one who safeguards his tongue will be safe in this world and in the next.”


Bazı hikmet sahipleri dört kitaptan dört kelime seçmişler;

Tevrat’tan: kim Allah’ın verdiğine kanaat ederse dünya ve ahirette rahat eder.

İncil’den: şehvetini terk eden dünya ve ahirette aziz olur.

Zebur’dan: halktan malıyla ve canıyla uzaklaşan dünya ve ahirette kurtulmuş olur.

Kur’an’dan: dilini muhafaza eden dünyada ve ahirette kaygılardan selamet bulur.

Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani”. Munabbihat




36 Yanıt to “We are the Warriors of Love,We Have no Time For Enmity.Biz Muhabbet Fedaileriyiz, Husumete Vaktimiz Yoktur ! ..by Bediüzzaman Said Nursi”

  1. Einen schönen Sonntag wunderschöne Verse ja und Allah ist überall liebe Grüße von mir und eine gute neue Woche Gruß von mir Gislinde

  2. Islam is beautiful. I am being guided, alhamdulillah ♥

  3. videonun yeni versiyonunu yapacağım yüksek ihtimalle… müzik çok iyi…

  4. سبحان الله , Nice post my Sister!. You’re right, we should spread out “The Love”, Islam itself has guided us to love our brothers n sisters and loving this Ummah. May Allah give mercy and blessing upon you, Sis! Amiin. Peace n Love.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment, kind words and dua dear sister! I pray the same for you as well. it makes me want to keep doing more and good work 🙂

      May Allah(swt) bless u n ur family with best in this world n hereafter,Aameen! ❤

      • You’re most welcome, my dearest Sister. Jazakillah katsiiron for your great duá Sister. أمين أللهمّ امين

  5. Beautiful post 🙂

  6. beautiful post Semra Polat, happy week my friend

  7. ▄▀▀▄▄▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄☆
    ──▄█▀█▄─▄███▄─▀██`★¸¸•´¯“★¸¸•´¯`☆.☆ ☆.☆ ☆
    ──██▒████████──██▀██─ ██─██ ▀██▀██ ███▀▀
    ───▀███████▀───██─██▄ ██▄██ ─██▄██ ▄▄███

  8. •═ •• ═ •• ═ •• ═ •• ═ •• ═•• ═••”’╗ BY NANCY
    ║╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮║
    ║╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯║
    ║’███▀▀█▀▀███─██║░▄█▀▄║██║█║██▀ ║
    ║’██─██▄██─██─██║░██║█║██║█║██▀ ║
    ║’███▄▀█▀▄███─███║▀██▀║▀██▀║███ ║
    ║’█████▄█████─▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ║
    ║╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮ ╭ღ╮║
    ║╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯ ╰ღ╯║

  9. Süleyman Polat Says:


  10. Beautiful message of Love, Brotherhood and Peace. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great week, Aquileana 😀

    • Thanks for taking time to read my post and respond,dear Aquileana ❤

      I wish Peace Love and Kindness to you.

      Have a great beginning of your week too! Stay Happy 😉

  11. Peace be unto you, – for as you give so shall you recieve. 🙂

  12. Semra, this post is Holy. And how I thank you. The quote from Psalms, I really had to read, and read again. Isolation hurts the Soul for we were meant to be connected with one another. Yet, this is from my own life experience …. I can only take people in small doses because I have become so connected to Source. People in general are not (most people) connected to Source, and to be around “worldly” people is harsh on my energy, and drains me. I prefer quiet, Mother Nature, flowing with the Love of God. I am so glad to have met you, for most of my life I have felt so different, just not fitting in this world. Finding those like me who do not fit in this world either, is such a comfort. Bless you, my friend, for walking the Higher Path that which is called Love. (((HUGS))) Amy

    • I’m so glad,and I am so thankful to Allah i have a friend like you.

      Thank you dear sister Amy ❤

      May Allah bless you and your family !

      • I thank God that I have a friend and Sister as you, Semra. May Peace be yours this day, my friend! BIG (((HUGS))) Amy

  13. Bonsoir SEMRA
    L’amitié est une belle histoire
    Que l’on peut lire sans se lasser
    Confortablement installé
    Je feuillette chaque jour le grand livre de l’amitié
    J’y retrouve tous mes amis et amies
    Je me sens le cœur léger
    Passe une très agréable soirée
    Une belle nuit remplit de jolis rêves
    Bisous , Bernard
    Moins présent en ce moment et je m’en excuse

  14. Hallo einen schönen Donnerstag mit vielen lieben Grüßen Klaus

  15. ★───────★───────★───────★
    ▐███▐█▀█▐█▀▀▐▌█▀▀───★ ABBRACCIO
    ▐▐▐█▐█▀█▐█▄█▐▌█▄▄ ★ BY NANCY

  16. Je te souhaite un octobre plein de joie, mon amie.

  17. I am trying to reference your quotes fron the Torah, Bible and the Psalms. Can you supply the actual references of Book, Chapter and Verse for each? As you know, I am Christian…but it does not make us enemies unless you want it (see REGARDING CONTROVERSY, on my blog, just written). A Muslim friend of mine and I have been discussing these things for a long time…and knowing where exactly he (or you) got something is a very great help to all participating! Yours poetically, Jonathan Caswell 🙂

  18. Liebe Semra heute ist so ein schöner Herbst Sonnenschein da sieht dir Welt ganz anders aus einen schönen Sonntag das wünscht dir Klaus

  19. Semra , we are indeed warriors of love and Islam is indeed the religion of peace , love and brotherhood . the jihad that we have to fight is not anything external , but the enemy within , in the form of hatred , avarice , jealousy , hubris and all other vicious and divisive tendencies…may peace and love be on you….raj

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